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shop the prettiest kitchen decor

shop the prettiest kitchen decor

House Style-The Modern Farmhouse Sink-Buying Guide

House Style-The Modern Farmhouse Sink-Buying Guide

A farmhouse sink can be purchased in a range anywhere from 20" in length all the way up to 60" or more. Knowing how you are going to use the kitchen sink is the key in determining the length that you are going to go with. Think about the size of the sink that you are replacing and how it was used – was it big enough, or was it too small?

What may be the important determining factor in the size that you choose to go with is whether you would like to have a single bowl or a double bowl sink. Again, this goes back to thinking about how you will use it. Single bowls are great for washing large items such as deep pots and pans, and double bowls are perfect for separating your food preparation area from dirty utensils. Some extra-wide farmhouse sinks may even come with a third basin or an integrated drainboard.

The often-overlooked dimension is the width of the sink from front to back. Sinks that are larger from front to back are either going to compromise the counterspace behind the sink, or they will protrude from the front of the cabinet a little bit further. On the other hand, if you desire a large sink but are limited in space, the lost inch or two in length could be made up for in width.

Keep in mind that farmhouse sinks have a deep front apron that hangs over the edge of the cabinetry. The full height of the apron is usually around 10”. However, retrofit farmhouse sinks have a shorter apron that trims around 3” from the bottom to fit into existing cabinetry. Retrofit farmhouse sinks are ideal if you aren’t replacing or getting custom cabinetry.

The Types of Farmhouse Sinks

natural stone.png

Like copper, stone sinks are obtainable with hand-carved motif patterns that are just as detailed. Stone sinks are also very popular containing a chiseled front apron, which give them a very raw and genuine semblance. Shop this farmhouse sink.

stainless steel.png

Their schemes will typically have more straight, defined lines to fit into their industrial setting and capture their contemporary concept. Shop this farmhouse sink.

fire clay.png

They are commonly found with a simple clean, flat front. However, they are also available with fluted aprons or raised front lips to give them more pronounced look. Shop this farmhouse sink.


Copper farmhouse sinks have front apron designs that are more intricate than other materials due to the metal's natural ability to flex and manipulate. They are usually found with either smooth or hammered textures, but also with very detailed designs. Shop this farmhouse sink.

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Selecting The Right Faucet

A deck-mount faucet will mount to your countertop, behind your sink. Ensure that your area is large enough to accommodate your selection, leaving at least a finger width behind the faucet to provide ample room for cleaning.


Wall-mount faucets are mounted to the wall above the sink. These faucets are a great option if you want to preserve countertop space and provide for effortless cleanup. When selecting a wall-mount faucet it is important to consider the distance that the spout reaches from the wall, as you want your water to fall no further than the middle point of your sink.

Faucets that feature a pull down or side spray are very convenient. A sprayer will help reach all corners of the sink for proper rinsing, and is very useful when cleaning dishes by hand.

Installation Tips

Your farmhouse sink will be fully supported by the base cabinet that it rests on. When selecting, or designing, a base cabinet for your new farmhouse sink, it is important that the size of the base cabinet is correct. Your base cabinet should measure 3" longer in length than the sink you are installing. For example, if you have a base cabinet that measures 36" wide it will support a 33" sink. This will allow a bit of wooden cabinet trim on each side of the sink, which will keep your sink from resting against the dishwasher or drawer next to it. Additionally, this will provide the needed space within the cabinet below to properly build the bracing that the sink will rest on.

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