Beach Pretty House Style-Crushing on Joyce Pickens LA Living Room

JDP Interiors is a full service interior design firm focusing on providing our clients with beautiful spaces that seamlessly blend new and old world design aesthetics. Our goal is to create a bold but timeless space with sophisticated design pallet rich in texture. We gravitate towards simplistic, earth toned colors coupled with well crafted furniture and one of a kind vintage pieces. Our work can be seen in publications such as the LA Times, Elle Decor, Domino, My Domaine and many more. 

Beach Pretty House Style-The Gracious Farmhouse Table

To me, a farmhouse table is so inviting, it's about pull up a chair, invite a friend...stop by ..let's laugh, have a glass wine, listen to music and enjoy today.  Entertaining is as simple as picking up some cheese and a loaf of french bread, a few steaks, some fresh greens and garden fresh vegetables, a summer fruit pie and off course a bottle of your favorite wine. I was inspired today by Wisteria's outdoor dining space....definitely Beach Pretty.

Beach Pretty House Style-Softly Gray Style

Soft Gray is such a soft calming color…reminds me of dusty overcast beach days…a place that is all your own…a piece of quiet ….listening to the waves lapping the seashore, the seagulls singing…I have found some beautiful soft gray sheets, linens and blankets that you will love to add to your linen closets. Also, I am obsessed with the classic bohemian baskets that will finish up any rooms look…and to keep the chic style going, before you head out the door, wrap your self up with this trendy scarf and backpack…be the stylish one..and off course beach pretty!

Beach Pretty House Style-Cozy White Fireplaces are so IN.

I am sure by now, you know I am an outdoor girl...and evening outdoors by a fire is all I need.  I found you some beautiful outdoor living areas with white fireplaces, created by top designers and photographed by the best architectural photographers.  As the norm, we all have different style and I think I found a good variety.  Which one is your favorite?  And do you think you may build one someday? Be inspired...and send us a photo of your own Beach Pretty terrace, patio or backyard.  Thanks :)