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Beach House-A Nantucket Beach House to Just Unwind In

The designer, Amy Studebaker uses white as the primary palette for the lake house’s interior and adds warmth and dimension to the house by using a variety of warm textures, designer worthy antique furniture and pops of color. The backyard has an incredible view of the lake, and if you think the house wows you, the infinity pool will leave you drooling, the pool is stunning and looks like it melts right into the lake. …so beach pretty.

Beach House with an Endless Ocean View

This gorgeous colonial beach house in Swapscott, Massachusetts is literally on the edge of a rocky cliff, and the ocean views are endless. SV Designs, decided to design a house that wasn’t a traditional coastal home, and to achieve this, they created a bright and airy interior. They started by adding more windows to bring in extra light, and to balance the moody ocean blues they added warm furnishing and pops of color to the interior.