Beach Pretty Fashion-Swimtime

Do you wake up on a summer morning and want a new swimsuit to wear to the beach? I do. .someday’s I want a fun little bikini, other days I want a little more coverage and need a pretty one-piece. I think I found a variety of pretty new bathing suits for you to add to your collection...remember not to forget the sunblock, a large hat, sunglasses and lip protection..(sun safety always)...I hope you get sandy and salty and have a relaxing and fun day :) 

Beach Pretty Fashion-Sunkissed

I love a summer day spent at the beach, the smell of the salty air, my toes in the sand, a easy and light novel to read, a tuna sandwich and chips...don't you?  Afterwards, shower off and show off your sun-kissed shoulders in an off the shoulder summer dress...have fun ladies and be beach pretty!

Beach Pretty Fashion-Rock the Lobster Look this 4th

Growing up on Cape Cod, the 4th of July was always a big celebration,  every year we started day at the iconic parade with the fire truck's sirens blaring, seeing family friends pridefully driving their old vintage cars, the school band marching, and all the little children in town lining the street anxiously awaiting all the candy thrown from the floats, running after the snow cone carts ... spending the afternoon steaming lobsters and clams, and finishing the night on the bay ooohing and awing over the epic firework display...such a great day to celebrate our Independence!  So in honor of the 4th, I found some darling dresses, sweaters and accessories that would be so fabulous to wear this 4th...Be inspired and have a lot of fun with beach pretty!

Beach Pretty Fashion-Summer Blues and Beautiful Blues

Summer Blues and Beautiful Blues....loving every minute of long summer days, it is time to  pack a picnic lunch, spread out the quilt and gaze up at the powder blue skies  and white puffy clouds ...sounds heavenly, or take the kayak out to your favorite crystal blue lake and enjoy the peace of mind, or go a kid again and catch a wave at the prettiest seashore you can find...Summer is about getting the most out of the day...and making memories.  We have found you every shade of blue to add to your summer wardrobe, the palest blue cocktail dresses,  a really cute bohemenian jumpsuit, a pair of gorgeous ray bans, ia sexy indigo blue sarong, and the prettiest blue floral bikinis...all are so beach pretty...enjoy the sunshine!

Fashion-White Sand and White Cotton

We have finally reached Memorial Day, and it is finally okay to wear summer white!  Time to add a new white cotton sundress ( I should be cut off..I love them all), a simple and always sexy white T..always perfect to wear with denim jeans, a white hot bikini for when you are rocking your best tan, and if you dare to wear white while you're sweating at the gym..a pair of white leggings and matching sports bra is so on point..and for date night  with your sweetie a gorgeous white lace dress...which he will love...all so beach pretty:)

Fashion-Pretty in Pink and Dreaming of A Pink Sunset

My favorite time of day at the beach is when most of the people have left, it is so peaceful, just you, the crashing waves, and the sun is fading and creating a brilliant pink sunset...such a time to give thanks for the day, refresh the mind and enjoy the majestic view. So, obviously every shade of pink reminds of the beauty of a summer day.  I love the candy pink striped blouse with denim shorts  paired with a  of pink espadrilles or for a sporty look wear with a pair of pink converse sneakers..or another personal fave of mine is the ...adidas sneaker.  So many choices look pretty in pink!

Beach Pretty Fashion-Set the Sails with these Classic Styles

During summer days on Cape Cod, the bay and little coves would be filled with the graceful beauty of sailboats.  My children's grandparents owned a sailboat name "Buoyant Spirits" and would take them on adventures to Block Island, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.  I was so grateful they got to experience spending summer day's charting the beautiful Nantucket Sound.  When your sailing, you want your wardrobe to include practical but stylish clothing. Sailing is fun, but it can have you running around the boat, so your clothes should be comfortable and functional.  When you are pulling into your slip after a long but beautiful day on the water,  and dreaming about a seafood dinner at your favorite restaurant  in town, Beach Pretty has an  easy and perfect look to change into ...a classic stylish blouse and linen pants...the water taxi has arrived...and you look sun tan, happy and beautiful! Have fun...:)